Performed in the operating room, an abdominoplasty consists of removing the excess skin of the abdomen after pregnancies or large variations in weight, as well as tightening the abdominal muscles. This leads to flattening of the abdomen and reducing the width of the waist, improving the body’s contour.

This procedure can be combined with flank and back liposuction to further improve the result in the patient’s body contour.


Two hours and a half.

It is an outpatient procedure in most cases (discharge the same day).

Generally, general anesthesia or regional anesthesia and sedation.

Most patients return to their daily activities in 2-3 weeks. A drain is left in place for 7 days after surgery, which is then removed. It is required to wear an abdominal binder for 4 weeks

Obtaining a healthy and aesthetic body requires not only a tummy tuck, but also diet and exercise to maintain the results achieved.

Pain is mild in most patients. However, this depends on each patient’s pain tolerance. Analgesics are prescribed to reduce pain.

Bleeding, partial dehiscence of the wound (part of the wound opening), infection, temporary decrease in sensitivity and seroma (fluid accumulation).

Patients with excess skin on the abdomen, either secondary to pregnancy or significant weight loss are candidates.

Flank and back liposuction, facial or breast surgery can also be performed.

Dr. Alvis Jimenez performs Abdominoplasty in the Mexico City clinics at Hospital Ángeles Lindavista and in Tijuana at NewCity Medical Plaza.





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