Excess skin does not only look unpleasant giving the face a tired and aged look, but ptosis (droopy eyelid) can also obstruct the patient’s vision. Eyelid surgery consists of removing excess skin, muscle and fat bags from the upper and lower eyelids resulting in an attractive and youthful appearance.


It is ambulatory (discharge the same day).

Patients can usually return to their daily activities in 5 days.

It is variable depending on the individual’s aging process.

Ecchymosis, infection, ectropion (eyelid eversion), ptosis

It can be performed in young patients who have bags in the lower eyelids without them being a result of aging.

Other facial or body procedures can be performed.

Dr. Alvis Jimenez performs Blepharoplasty in the clinics in Mexico City at Hospital Ángeles Lindavista and in Tijuana at NewCity Medical Plaza.





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