As part of the aging process or after massive weight loss, the skin on the arms becomes flaccid, which is why those patients are ideal candidates for this procedure. It is a surgery in which the skin and excess fat between the armpit and the elbow are removed, giving a more attractive appearance to your arms, making them slimmer and more toned


It is ambulatory (discharge the same day)

General anesthesia or block

Most patients return to their daily activities within 7 days.

It is a long-lasting procedure, as long as the patient remains at a stable weight.

Pain is minimal.

They are infrequent, partial dehiscence of the wound (the wound opens), infection, hemorrhage, seroma, irregularities.

It is variable, patients that present flaccidity in this region are candidates.

Other face or body procedures may be performed.

Dr. Alvis Jimenez performs Brachyplasty in the clinics in Mexico City at Hospital Ángeles Lindavista and in Tijuana at NewCity Medical Plaza.





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