Buttock cosmetic surgery is one of the most asked for procedures by men and especially by women. With this procedure, it is possible to restore the area’s tonicity, increase its volume or model it.

The most widely used method is the infiltration of fat from the same patient. When using this method, 30-40% of the fat is reabsorbed; therefore, it is necessary to overcorrect it so that after fat absorption the desired result is permanent.

Another method is the placement of silicone gel implants, a procedure that requires a 4 to 5cm incision in the gluteal crease. Here, implants are surgically placed deep within the tissues of the buttock to obtain a natural result.


In the case of fat grafting, it can take 2-3 hours, and in the case of buttock implants one hour.

It is an outpatient surgery (discharge the same day)

General anesthesia or regional anesthesia

Most patients return to activities within 7 days.

They’re permanent.

Pain is minimal; it can be managed with pain medication.

In the case of fat grafting in the buttocks, the risks are infection, bleeding, asymmetries. In the case of a buttock implant, there risk (although infrequently) is that of a capsular contracture which manifests itself with pain and deformity in the buttocks.

Once patients have fully developed physically, generally after the age of 16.

It can be combined with face or body procedures

Dr. Alvis Jimenez performs Gluteoplasty in the Mexico City clinics at the Angeles Lindavista Hospital and in Tijuana at the NewCity Medical Plaza.





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